Tony Rosa For Ward 5

Priorities: A Path Forward

Housing & Health

Expand Senior Living Options Across Caledon

Implement a Housing for All Plan!

Advocate for Affordable Housing Options Across Caledon

Support the Development of an Urgent Care Facility in Bolton

Businesses & Recreation

Support Local Businesses & Continue to Promote Love Local Campaign

Expand Sports, Recreation & Leisure Programs for Seniors & Families

Expand Arts, Culture, Recreation & Tourism Initiatives Across Caledon


Build Vibrant & Complete Communities for Future Generations

Expand Community Engagement with Annual Local Events & Festivals

Develop a Town Square and Gathering Space for Bolton

Support Implementation of Downtown Bolton Revitation Plan

Continue to support Local Community Organizations and Service Clubs

Continue to advocate for Unity Across Caledon

Roads & Transit

Ensure Reduction of Truck Traffic & Combat Illegal Trucking across Caledon

Improve Road Safety & Support Expanded Enforcement Plan

Support Future Go Service & Local Transit Options that Connects Communities


Create and Implement a Responsible Growth Plan that Focuses on good financial planning and protects the Caledon Residents

Create & Manage a Long Term Sustainable & Transparent Tax Plan

Implement of a 21st Century Economic Development Strategy to attract New Businesses from a Variety of Sectors & Create Good Paying Jobs